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Retainers, Other Fees, Additional Images, etc


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Editing Turnaround Timeframes

Micro Sessions (5 images):  Up to 1.5 weeks

Mini Sessions (10-15 images):  Up to 2 weeks

Full-Hour+ Sessions (15-25 images):  Up to 3 weeks

Weddings (50+ images): Up to 4 weeks

Regional Price Changes 

All Outdoor Sessions in Moore County are an additional fee of $60+tax (one way).


Teeth whitening, facial bruising, eye bag or line removal, skin texture adjustments, minor scar & scratch/cut removal, and minor background spot removal or correction are additional services. Minor retouching of any of the items listed start at $25. Major unnatural retouching such as background replacement or removal, removing or adding a person or people, or enhancing facial features (including skin lightening) are not offered services & cannot be outsourced for someone else to alter my work. 

Gallery Expiration Policy

If a gallery sits more than 24 hours without selections being made the gallery will expire and archive. You will be charged an additional $15 + tax reactivation fee to remove the images from archive in order to make selections past 24hrs.*No checks or eChecks permitted. Also, images that have been selected will only be available to download for one week. If the photographs have not been downloaded by then you will be charged $25+tax to have the entire album added to my Dropbox account again for download. 

Gallery Selections & Downloads

Galleries are created using Dropbox, galleries expire after one week, so please make selections within 24 hours by commenting under each desired image. If selections are not downloaded before the one week deadline the gallery will be removed and will cost $25 + tax to have images added a second time. A print release is attached to each gallery. The print release allows printing in-store. You can print anywhere online without it. Once selections have been made in Dropbox albums and the watermarked images have been removed and replaced with the watermark-free image I cannot upload all images again - you've had time to download those images and therefore cannot download any additional images beyond your package amount without paying extra for them. 

*** Please read the gallery instructions attached to your Dropbox email that gives you access to your gallery. *** 


**I do not accept checks of any kind. I accept Square,, Venmo, direct website sales, cash, and Cash App payments.**

Deposits, Retainers, & Fees

Eligible waived fees are reserved for extreme cases & military uncertainty. If you believe your situation falls under these categories please let me know. Questions or concerns? Send to [email protected] or text/call +1-917-410-2570. Thank you!



Two Dollars for Every Minute Late to Session

Includes ALL Package Offers

Please add the proper amount of minutes (Qty) to your shopping cart. Thank you. 

Late fee
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Per Session

24-48 Hours Prior ONLY

**If you do not give 24-48 HR notice the $30 fee is owed.**

Sorry to see you go! :(  

Please message me to reschedule: [email protected]. 24-48 HR Rescheduling is FREE. 

Cancellation Fee
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Half of the Total Session Price 

*EXCLUDES Holiday Photography Packages, and if you need to reschedule you can.

Thank you!!!

Non-refundable retainer
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