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 Ignored Information 

Attention to details is very important.

Artist | Entrepreneur | Photographer

This page may seem like common sense... but these are real questions I receive on a weekly basis that I have grown very tired of responding to. 

Information That Is Consistently Ignored:

"Where are you located?" - Each post on the Facebook page feed has a location attached. Ads also have a location attached & hashtags in each post, it is also listed on this website (Hours & Events page) AND the Facebook page (Home/About tabs). Ads only run in my service area, if you can see them I'm in your area. Please pay closer attention. I'm not sure why this keeps getting overlooked.

"Pricing?" - All packages have a price and details on this website. Find the appropriate web page & browse. Also, every ad has the appropriate package link attached to it, and these same links are also added under the About tab on the Facebook page. Please pay closer attention.

"What is your availability?" - You can choose your own date/time by requesting an appointment to book your session on the Facebook page. Closed on Sundays & Mondays. I also post regular updates on the Facebook page regarding changes in availability, such as being pregnant. Please pay closer attention. 

"What is the difference between this package and that package & what is included?" - If you are already on the website viewing package info, why do you need to ask those questions? Please pay closer attention. 

"How do I select my images in our family album?" - The instructions are sent to you via email. If you confirm you've read and understand them, why are you still asking? Please pay closer attention.

"Can I have all images from the shoot or the unedited/raw files?" - No. That will never be something you can get from a professional photographer. If they give them to you they aren't a professional. My images all have copyrights which legally prevents anyone else from editing or altering my work. 

"Where is your studio?" - FAYETTEVILLE. 

"Will the session be canceled because of the weather?" - If I haven't canceled or rescheduled the answer is no.